Review of Phentermine Analogs and Their Disadvantages

People struggle to lose weight and it’s a popular trend today. There are many benefits of getting rid of kilos like the body can become healthier. It starts to function better. Slim people usually have a better mood than fat people.

There’re many ways to lose weight. It is important to choose the most efficient way. One of such is pills taking. If a person chooses a reliable medical treatment, he/she will achieve a result quickly.

Phentermine is one of the most effective medicines on the market. It was introduced in the market in the 90s. From that time on there appeared many substitutes of it. They cost less and they also have many disadvantages.

Phentermine Analogs

If a person visits a pharmacy, he/she will find there many tablets to lose weight. It is necessary to understand that all of them have disadvantages. Here are some Phentermine analogs that have many limitations:

  • Belviq. It is one of the most popular Phentermine analogs. It can be bought at a pharmacy or online. The chemical content of these pills is different from  Phentermine. That is why the efficiency of it is not that high. This drug influences our appetite indirectly. The fact that it influences our brain is one of the main disadvantages of it.
  • Contrave. This drug also helps to lose weight. It is good to remember that it influences not only one’s appetite. It also has a big influence on human mood. It has a very strong anti-depression effect. It helps to get rid of alcohol and cigarette addiction. That is why it is not really effective for losing kilos.
  • Saxenda. One of the main differences between it and Phentermine is its composition and form. Phentermine is sold in pills. Saxenda is sold in a liquid form. It is medically tested, that tablets work more effectively. If you would like a treatment to be efficient, you have to take into account its disadvantage. It influences hormone state of the body. If Phentermine works as an appetite suppressant, Saxenda develops a special hormone in the body. Such body mutation is not very advisable. Treatment with Saxenda can hardly be done without a help for a doctor.

  • Xenical. This is not the most effective medicine. It will give a result only if a person starts to eat in a healthier way. If you want to achieve a result taking such drugs, you also have to exercise a lot. The effect of it is relatively slow. For people who want to lose kilos rapidly, it is not the right treatment to take.
  • Qsymia. It is another medical similar to Phentermine. It has many side effects. It can boast a person’s energy a lot. A person who takes such tablets doesn’t have to drive. His/her intellectual processes will go slower. It should be taken into account before a treatment starts.

These are the main Phentermine analogs. They have many disadvantages. If a person takes such tablets, he/she will not achieve the desired effect.

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